Spruce Grove Denture Clinic

Denture Treatment Services

From denture emergencies to 1-day service treatments – Spruce Grove Denturists can help you!

Soft Liners

Softliner DenturesSoft liners provide a cushion of silicone-based material to the tissue surface of the denture. They can be added to a new denture or during a reline. This material typically needs to be replaced every 2 years.

Benefits of Soft Liners include:


Provides a soft cushion for optimal comfort


Decreases frequency and severity of sore spots caused by denture movement


Doesn't alter the fit of your denture

Permanent Relines

If you feel your dentures are becoming loose, gathering food underneath, or are not functioning properly, you may require a reline.

On-site Repairs of Dentures

We repair cracks, breaks, missing and/or broken denture teeth. For any denture emergency dentures are required for 1-2 hours and clients are quoted at the time of repair assessment.

Sport and Night Guards

Protect your teeth during play and sleep.

Sport guards protect the structural integrity of your teeth from injury while also securing your jaw, cheeks, lips, and tongue from lacerations.

Night guards provide protection for your upper and lower teeth from clenching and grinding, which can damage both your teeth and jaw.

Our clinic offers both types of mouth guards, custom fit for you.

Snore Guards

Various options for snore appliances to help you stop snoring and feel more rested.